Satva Embroidered Wild Animals


$27.00 USD

  • Platypus, Octopus, Wild Boar; oh my!

    Perfect for kids of any age, or simply as a piece of art for yourself, these high contrast playful stuffies bring us that much closer to the unique, wild adaptations that live in harmony in the extreme and exotic ecosystems of our wondrous planet.

    This adorable cast of characters was created by the toy design team at the Barbara Sansoni design studio in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Each piece is made with richly textured washable cotton fabric handwoven by master craftswomen on a wooden loom and stuffed with Kapok fiber, a natural, hypo-allergenic plant fibre native to south and east Asia.

    This is a sustainably made zero-waste product. Colors depend on the available fabric. If you have specific color preferences, please drop us a line with your order number.

    1. Handmade
    2. Ethically Sourced
    3. No Factories or Assembly Lines
    4. Eco-Friendly
    5. No Animal Cruelty

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