Kandyan Handmade Pillow Case


$62.00 USD

Throw Pillow A
Throw Pillow B
Throw Pillow C
  • Not only do these pillows brighten up your lounge or boudoir, they add a piece of heritage into our daily lives. Adorned with geometric designs hinting at the influence of Arab and Indian visitors to Sri Lanka, these handwoven throw pillow covers bring a piece of Sri Lankan medieval art from the last Kingdom of Kandy (1469-1815) into your lounge.

    Each pillow cover is meticulously handwoven by Sri Lankan master artisans still residing in Kandy, in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, using traditional wooden looms over several weeks.

    1. Handmade
    2. Ethically Sourced
    3. No Factories or Assembly Lines
    4. Eco-Friendly
    5. No Animal Cruelty

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