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While kids love how a pencil case can turn into a new friend they are not the only ones with the love of whimsy. This fun, meticulously handcrafted pouch is perfect for all kinds of small things: pencils, paints, toiletries, herbs and more.

Designed at the boutique Barbara Sansoni design studios in Colombo, Sri Lanka and handwoven by a Sri Lankan master craftswoman using a wooden loom this eco-friendly pouch can serve as a cheery companion as well as a useful article.

Size: 9"x6"x5"

Material: Handwoven 100% cotton fabric pouch with 1 zippered closure.

Care: Hand wash with mild detergent. Dry in shade. Can be dry cleaned.

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About the Artisan
Barefoot is a revered Sri Lankan institution, formed more than half a century ago by the renowned Sri Lankan artist Barbara Sansoni. Read more...