Suva Naturally Dyed Earrings

Amma Sri Lanka

$17.00 USD

Earrings Indigo
Earrings Pomegranate
Earrings Madder
Earrings Grey
Earrings Turmeric
  • No longer just ingredients for herbal remedies, Turmeric Root, Madder Root and Indigo Leaf lend their pop of color to these lightweight cotton earrings.

    Handwoven cotton yarn is plant-dyed in small batches before it is carefully twisted and knotted into a hoop to make just 20 of these earrings each time.

    1. Handmade
    2. Ethically Sourced
    3. No Factories or Assembly Lines
    4. Eco-Friendly
    5. No Animal Cruelty

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