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Yāl Basket Copper and Naturally Dyed Palmyra Earrings

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Light but not fragile. Like leather, but vegan. Inspired by nature and innovating upon the vintage craftsmanship of copper smithing, basket weaving and natural dying, these copper and Palmyra fiber earrings lend an elegant bohemian twist to any ensemble.

Turmeric, Vermilion, Myrobalan nut, Jackfruit seed and Palmyra palm leaves are some of the precious organic materials handwoven into each pair of earrings.

Size: 2" from the top of hook. Approximately 1.3" width at the base.

Material: Turmeric, Vermilion, Myrobalan nut, Jackfruit seed, Palmyra palm leaves and Copper.

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About the Artisan
The Kolam design studio was initiated by a group of young artists from the northern city of Jaffna, Sri Lanka, with a view to innovating on age-old craft traditions from the region. Kolam combines traditional aesthetics and craft knowledge with a commitment to social development and ecological responsibility. Kolam creations are based on natural, non-toxic and biodegradable materials found in their local area. Kolam is named after “Colum” or pattern, in Tamil, the language predominantly spoken in Jaffna.