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Bean Bag Chair Covers - Colorful, Ergonomic & Handmade Interior Decor

Our designer bean bags are handmade from handwoven cotton fabric. They add a stylish modern design; vibrant, enlivening colors and beautiful fabric textures to your living spaces. Ergonomically designed for perfect back and neck support, they are perfect for working, video gaming, reading, relaxing and meditating.

The natural cotton fabric feels great against the skin. We don’t use factories or assembly lines; our bean bags are 100% handmade by skilled Sri Lankan women artisans working in cottage workshops.

How We Make Our Bean Bag Chair Covers

• While most bean bags in the market are mass-produced in outsourced factories in Asia, we have spent nearly a decade perfecting the design of our bean bag, paying careful attention to ergonomics, style and sustainable manufacturing.

• Our main production technique is hand loom fabric weaving where cotton yarn is first hand-dyed and then woven into premium quality fabric using a traditional wooden loom.

• The handwoven fabric is then cut, sewn and assembled into the finished product by skilled women artisans working in small fairtrade cottage workshops located in small towns in Sri Lanka. We don’t use factories or assembly lines.

• Because we use eco-friendly and sustainable methods of manufacturing we are able to maintain an extremely low carbon footprint. We strive to be good for the people and good for the environment.

Features & Functionality

• Dazzling Interior Decor: we go beyond mere functionality; our bean bags are beautiful interior decor pieces that add a stylish modern design; vibrant, enlivening colors and beautiful handwoven ribbed fabric textures to your living spaces.

• Compact & Sleek Design: taking up only 6 sq.ft., it’s perfect for both a large living space or a small apartment. Weighing just under 10lbs, it’s lightweight enough to be portable.

• Perfect Back Support: most bean bags encourage bad posture. Ours is ergonomically designed for perfect back and neck support and long hours of comfort as you work, play video games, read, meditate and so on.

• Machine Washable: Our Dual Cover set up makes it easy to keep the bean bag clean.

• Child & Pet-Friendly: high tensile strength fabric is resistant to tearing and damage and therefore, extremely long-lasting.

How to Fill a Bean Bag

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