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Handwoven Pillow Cover - Blue Accents

Handwoven Pillow Cover - B&W Accents

Handwoven Table Runner

Handwoven Cotton & Silk Scarves

Handwoven Ghoni Dresses


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You'll see the difference between handwoven vs. rest

The pictures really don't show the quality and the beauty of these items. Only when I held it in my hand, I realized why it's called - handwoven 100% cotton fabric. These are nothing but beautifully crafted artworks.

Wise Owl

A wonderful gift for a smart person

The crocodiles are fantastic!

I ordered 3 crocodiles and asked for brightly colored ones. Success! The crocodiles are so beautiful! I can’t wait to order more!

Bean Bag Chair Cover - Artisanal & Handmade | Sailaway

Love it! So pretty and well made!

Excellent bowl covers

Love these bowl covers! Great colors, easy to clean, and cuts down on our use of plastic wrap.

Great Bean Bag

very comfy and pretty.

Gift for a friends child

I purchased this for a friend’s child. They’re happy with the item, so I am as well.

Perfect bag

This perfect bag is as functional as it is beautiful. I’ve been using it to carry my laptop, files and it has the perfect number of pockets for masks, keys (outer, easy accessible) and pens, wallet, phone, etx (inside zipped as well as pocket). It is not your typical boring leather/vinyl work bag and I know this hardy, thick and yet soft handloom fabric will stay vibrant and beautiful for years. I’ve used it for work but when life gets back to being more socially normal would easily sport it for gym, shopping, travel, or a carry-all. And the strap length and width are perfect. I had to carry it with 4 grocery bags today and most bags would have fallen off my puny shoulders but this stayed securely because of the nature of the fabric, width and design. I’m picky and don’t want a bunch of bags. Just one to fit most of my needs. This is it.

My favorite earrings

I love earrings but have a hard time finding ones that aren’t heavy. These are perfect. The red color is spot on - not bright, not pink. Just the perfect color to match with anything. The copper is so beautiful and dresses it up without being overstated. I love them and have worn them all day just around house because we all need to feel good even during pandemic times.

I absolutely ADORE this!

I absolutely ADORE the bright colors of the decorative Kandyan pillow case I bought from Monkey Mind! The colors are so vibrant that they steal the show even in a colorful room, and the patterns really catch the eye. The quality of both the materials and the craftsmanship is exceptional. I am soooo happy with my purchase.

Adorable Pencil Bag

I got this as a gift for my nephew and it was a big hit! The bag is beautifully crafted, so well made, and adorable! My nephew loves to carry around all his crayons and toy cars in his lion bag. Its big enough to fit lots of coloring pencils, make-up, and even some small toys. Highly recommend!


I am very particular about the bags I use for work and this bag checks all the boxes. Its comfortable to carry, roomy without being too big, BEAUTIFUL, and best of all, has the perfect number of pockets and compartments to carry everything I need in a way were nothing gets lost. I highly recommend this bag!

skeptics converted here!

My bean bag from Monkey Mind is one of the first things folks notice when they drop by my pad for the first time. Some raise an eyebrow, but as soon as they lower their tush, they get it. Visitors who haven't settled into a bean bag in 20 years are surprised by how comfortable and supportive the ride is--and how easy it is to move the lightweight bag from one spot to another while you're making the rounds, Most highly recommend. (Pro tip: Ask a friend to help you put the filling in the bag! It's a two-person job.)

These pillows make my pad pop!

When I moved into my new apartment about a year ago, I knew that (1) I wanted a pair of super comfy chairs where I can chat and chill with visitors and (2) I'd need some throw pillows that would really pop against the plain fabric I had in mind for the chairs. The Kandyan pillow cases that I bought from Monkey Mind more than fill the bill! Really happy with the look and the vibe. They help to make my space a home.

Beautiful way to organize files

I bought three of these colorful folders, and found so many uses for them that I may need to get more. Working from home means papers pile up with nowhere to go, so these folders are helping me to stay organized. They look way better than a stack of paper! The folders are durable and spacious.

Light and comfy

I am loving my scarf and have had tons of compliments on it. I think these are great scarfs especially when it's hot out, and so comfortable! I can have a peace of mind knowing where it is made, as well. Large size allows for wearing scarf in many ways, indoors and outdoors.

I purchased as a gift for friends' daughter ....

I purchased as a gift for friends' daughter .... quoting her mother, JSH, writes: "We got it! It is so cute! I like that it supports a local community, and is made by hand. The colors are super bright and cheerful. Thank you so much .... " To which I would add that the order went out almost immediately, the next day after I hit, "send," (so to speak). And arrived at their home in Honolulu (I'm in Los Angeles) very soon thereafter (given the distance, I thought it would take awhile). Thanks to Monkey Mind for the speedy response!

Beautiful and Great Quality!

When I see these embroidered animals I knew I had to get them for my nieces and nephews. They turned out to be a hit with them! They are absolutely beautiful, really great quality and very affordable. Plus, I love the colors on them!

The perfect yoga bag

I've had a few different yoga bags and finally have the perfect one. My mat fits perfectly, my phone and even my water bottle fit perfectly without rolling out. At the end of a yoga class you don't want to struggle with your mat or finding your stuff and with this bag you don't have to. And, of course, it is so beautiful and makes me feel light and bright on my way to yoga.

Ridiculously cute

These are beautiful! Such a clever design of combining incredible colors and material into cute animals. I use mine as decor (not for kids) and they are so unusual and cool.

Love these perfectly sized bags.

I bought these for my daughter (17) and I and we both love them! They are bright, easy to wear with anything and just the right size. It easily fits a wallet, phone, mask and sanitizer (what I bought it for). Perfectly organizes things too with multiple pockets and the quality of the material and stitching is perfect. These are not "fast fashion". These bags are going to be some of our favorites forever.

The perfect place to lounge!

This is so much more than a bean bag! It is cozy, supportive and seems very durable. I love the colors - even more vibrant and beautiful that I imagined and brings bohemian chic to my living room. Especially now, I'm even able to move it around and take it outside to sit with friends (safely distanced). It takes a beating but looks great and reshapes to stay comfortable between fighting my kids and dogs off of it too. My favorite thing to do is sit on it in the sunshine and drink my coffee in the morning.

Kalā Bull Accessory Bag
Verified Buyer
Cute and functional

I bought this as a gift for a friend, and it was a success. These animal accessory bags are so cute! I've seen them all in person at the store, but I bought the Taurus because that's my friend's sign. It's longer than I imagined. I couldn't tell from the pictures if it would fit pens and pencils, but it definitely does. It could also work well as a toiletries bag for travel. The colors are beautiful and vibrant in real life just like in the pictures. I love it and might get the elephant for myself!

Perfect laptop work bag!

I've looked everywhere for a work bag large enough to fit a laptop. They're either tote bags with no pockets and no compartments or they're too small for anything but a tablet. This is the perfect work bag in every way. My 13" laptop fits easily. Inside there is one zipped compartment on one side, and two open pockets on the either. Outside there are two more open pockets for easy access to phone/keys in the front, and also one more zipped pocket in the back. I love it! The colors are vibrant and the photos are very accurate. The strap is very comfortable and doesn't hurt my shoulders. I've used this to travel, to go to work, to go to coffee shops, and literally anytime I take my laptop anywhere. I always get compliments.

gorgeous earrings

I love these earrings! They are so colorful and beautifully made. A great accessory and wonderful gift.