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Nice chair

We love it- using it to pull up at watch TV in a small space.

Beautiful toys

Found this vendor booth at a local faire. The colors of the material are very vibrant and beautiful. Great quality. Bought the lion, octopus & mantaray for my 10 month old grand daughter. She easily handles them and no parts to fall off! Highly recommended.

Beautiful bean bag

Love my bean bag so stylish. A bit small and I'm a short guy but still worth it.

Need to buy another one!

Our cat loves this bean bag chair so much she won't let us sit on it, but when we do it is very comfortable! Great colors too!

Nicely made and comfy

I’m 6’5” and it still fits. My son likes it even though it’s not “fluffy”. It looks good and is well made. Fond that 2 bags of beans from Amazon was perfect amount.

Love it.

Color is great. Super high quality.

beautiful colors and well made

I love the cover, i do wish the internal bean bag had a larger zipped opening but otherwise this is beautiful.

Great bean bag

Super comfortable and stylish. This is a really great purchase.

Comfy and gorgeous!

This is my 3rd beanbag from Monkey Mind. The owners go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied and the bags are such beautiful quality. The highlight of any room!

Beautiful craftsmanship

Our 3 and 5 year old daughters love them.

Great purchase

This is a great bean bag. It’s stylish, comfortable, and designed so that it’s very easy to clean.

Beautifully crafted bean bag cover

Beautifully constructed with quality and unique fabrics that enhance our toddler classroom environment. Bean bags were recommended by one of our toddler student's therapist as a form of inclusivity for children. Size is great for people of all ages!

Great Looking Bean Bag

These bean bags look great. Where most bean bags are pretty unattractive, the Monkey Mind bean bags look amazing!

A few weeks in

Awesome. I think I under filled it a bit, but that lets me adjust the shape a bit so that's cool. Worth every penny so far.

A Great Buy!

The filling instructions were simple. I purposely under-filled mine so I could also use it as a meditation pad/cushion as well. I love how the triangular shape at the top gives my head a place to rest.

I use it every day at my altar, and also move it around the house to watch TV. The colors and design are vibrant, sturdy, AND comfortable.

So impressed!

So great!

My son is 12 and he's loving this bean bag for reading, playing video games and he pulls it out from his room to our living room to watch tv with us too :)

Comfy Beware using organic filling

Instructions recommend a few different organic fillings. All are heavy and do not hold the nice shape. After ordering buckwheat hulls 3 times because pound to litter conversions always over estimate volume per pound we ended up with a flat and very heavy bean bag. We ordered polystyrene beans and now are looking for empty pillows where we can put to use the $300 worth of buckwheat hulls. Lots of work and expensive mistake.
The bag is very comfy and the kids love it.

Bean Bag Chair Cover - Handmade & Ergonomic | Mustard Sandwich & Charcoal

Stuffed Toy Animals: Handmade, Natural Cotton & Safety Tested | Lion

Love the color

This was exactly what I was looking for. The fabric used is beautiful and the colors are the perfect shade of vibrancy and slightly muted. It is the perfect shape for my body and my favorite place to read and write.

Stuffed Toy Animals: Handmade, Natural Cotton & Safety Tested | Giraffe

Great bag!

Love everything about it - especially the very roomy pocket. Thank you!

The back is not pretty like the front

the back of the bag is plain gray. I didn't expect this and was rather disappointed. The front is gorgeous.

Great quality

Great purchase! Good quality, great customer service, cozy, nice size. Overall, very pleased with our bean bags!