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Sustainable Gift Guide 2022

Gift ideas that really can spread joy and happiness

With holiday season fast approaching, what better time to take a step back and reflect on the true spirit of gift giving? 

At Monkey Mind, our mission is to connect you with products that you and your loved ones can be proud to have in your home. From premium handmade homewares to zero-waste toys, we’ve made it easy for you to give gifts that you (and the lucky receiver) can feel good about! 

Ethically-made by Fair Trade artisans and inspired by traditional Sri Lankan craft, our products allow you to explore what really makes a thoughtful and considerate gift. 

There really is no better gift than one that enriches the planet instead of negatively impacting it. Is this your year to make better choices all round?

To get you started, we’ve included some of our favorite sustainable gift ideas in this handy guide. Make your gifts more meaningful this year with Monkey Mind.

Happy shopping! 

--Nali & Rudy

Bean Bags

The gift of handmade, ergonomic comfort

Ever wondered what it feels like to sit back, relax, and be inspired all at the same time? Our bean bag chair covers liven up any space with a range of colors to suit all tastes… and all ages!

With ergonomic back and neck support, your new favorite place to sit has been designed with you in mind. Made from 100% natural cotton that’s soft, breathable, and durable — our bean bag covers make a great gift for both adults AND kids! 

Tip: Each bean bag cover comes with a removable and machine-washable outer cover, as well as a waterproof inner cover. It’s so easy to fill that you can even get the kids involved for a fun holiday activity!

Handmade Stuffed Toys

The gift of (sustainable) fun!

No matter what age you are, there’s something everyone can learn from our handmade, natural cotton stuffed toys*. With vibrant colors and sensory touches, this is a gift that can kick-start an imaginative journey towards sustainability.

Because we use the fabrics available to us at the time, our unique toys really do make a statement. From wise owls to adventurous space martians, each of our toys has its own personality that stems from their eco-friendly and ethical beginnings.

Why we love them: Our range of stuffed toys are manufactured in Sri Lanka by skilled artisans working in fairtrade cottages. We don’t employ factories or assembly lines; we celebrate traditional craft.

​​*Laboratory tested to conform with European Union toy safety standards EN71-1:2011 and EN71-2:2011. Hypo-allergenic and non-toxic

Handwoven Bedspreads

The gift of handcrafted, sophisticated style.

Every home can benefit from some additional style and comfort. Made from 100% natural and fully breathable cotton, our coverlets are a great option for year-round use.

Lovingly made by Sri Lankan handloom experts and designed using only natural fabrics and dyes, our cotton bedspreads are lined with a masterful Italian hemstitch. The perfect gift for anyone wanting to add a splash of color or some more neutral tones to their home… without negatively impacting the environment!

Tip:Our range of bedspreads also make great picnic blankets — large enough to accommodate both good food and great company!

Natural Cotton Placemats

The gift of traditional techniques in modern environments.

All of our placemats are made using traditional handloom techniques by skilled Sri Lankan artisans we’re proud to work with. Made with 100% natural cotton and dyes, our range of colors celebrate Sri Lankan culture and heritage.

Sold in sets of 4, our table mats are the perfect blend of design, durability, and functionality. A premium quality gift, all of our tableware is made to withstand the test of time.

Why we love them: Our placemats are machine washable and easy to roll up between meals. A practical gift everyone will love!

Reusable Table Napkins

The gift of eco-friendly, long-lasting details.

Sustainability doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. This is why our range of napkins are the perfect reusable addition to any table. Available in sets of four, we offer a selection of colors ranging from a neutral ‘cashew’ to a bold ‘Santorini’ blue. 

Whatever table aesthetic you or your favorite dinner party host are going for, our napkins know how to level up the atmosphere of your dining room.

Fully machine washable and made in small batches using natural materials and dyes, each cloth napkin is finished with an Italian hemstitch to ensure durability. 

Tip: Some of our customers like to purchase multiple sets of our napkins to mix and match the colors. One of the most popular color combinations is our dark ‘Cape Storm’ and bright ‘honeycomb’ for a high contrast look.

Handwoven Table Runners

The gift of an ethical and refined table refresh.

With traditional Sri Lankan culture an inspiration for all of our homeware products, our table runners help you inject traditional design into modern spaces. Made on a wooden loom using 100% natural and hand-dyed cotton, your new table runner supports both sustainability and fairtrade production.

A great gift for anyone wanting a new look for their dining area, our selection of colors offer something for everyone!

With new designs launching all the time, you and all of the special people in your life can each have their own unique design or theme. We all have our favorites here at Monkey Mind, but which ones will be yours?

Why we love them: Durable and easy to roll up, our handwoven table runners are a design-forward and functional way to honor traditional Sri Lankan craft.

Natural Fabric Tablecloths

The gift of handwoven elegance.

Our tablecloths have become a popular choice for those wanting to inject new life into a table that just needs some TLC. Highly durable and made using 100% natural fabric, our table cloths are handwoven in small batches to ensure their quality withstands everyday wear and tear.

For anyone who believes that a dining area is the heart of every home, this might just be the perfect gift!

Designed to celebrate Sri Lankan culture and traditional craft, all of our table linen reflects how well Sri Lankan tradition and modern style can work together.

Tip: Some of our customers have found other uses for our table cloths too. From headboard covers to wall tapestries, sometimes only having our fabric on your table isn’t enough! 

Too Much Choice?

If you’re unsure about which of our products might make the best gift for a friend, family member, or loved one, we also offer e-gift cards that can be sent instantly to the recipient via email and used across our online store. 

Explore our full range of homeware, toys, soft furnishings, and clothing on our website today. New products are being added all the time, so don’t forget to check back regularly!