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About Monkey Mind

Monkey Mind is a Los Angeles-based sustainable lifestyle brand. Our modern homegoods and fashion accessories are inspired by age-old Sri Lankan fabric weaving traditions, the vibrant colors of Sri Lanka’s natural beauty and traditional Buddhist, Hindu, and Islamic folk art. Our brand speaks to the modern consumer who takes delight in colorful and functional design while being committed to sustaining traditional craftsmanship.

Our products are made from 100% cotton handloom fabric, using traditional non-mechanized fabric looms that expend zero carbon emissions. Founded by a Sri Lankan-American couple from Los Angeles CA, Monkey Mind is passionate about supporting and conserving ancient Sri Lankan craftsmanship and sustainable fabric weaving traditions.  

The term “monkey mind” is a metaphor used by mindfulness meditation practitioners to represent the restless, whimsical, and fanciful nature of the human spirit. It may be hard to maintain coherence and purpose in the everyday dissonance of our minds, but experienced practitioners know that the monkey mind is the root of inspiration and creativity, and that with enough discipline and practice, our “monkey mind” can achieve its truest potential.

While our brand is a homage to our roots in Buddhist culture, it also perfectly encapsulates our own restless creative journey in trying to create a conscious brand that reconciles our many passions: small business, conservation of tradition, sustainability, fairness, and ethical conduct.