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Amma Sri Lanka

Located in the lush tea growing regions of the central highlands of Sri Lanka, Amma (meaning “mother” in Sinhala and Tamil) is famous for their naturally dyed cotton fabrics. Amma  challenges the established norms of the fast fashion industry by developing new methods of rural, carbon-neutral textile production and reimagines traditional industries to meet modern needs.

Amma also serves as a social enterprise that provides women with flexible, fairly paid employment within the communities they live in. This allows them - mostly mothers from female-headed households - to remain with their families without having to migrate to the Middle East like many other women in their communities have to out of economic necessity.

Processes: Hank dyeing, Natural dye making, Handloom weaving, Hand embroidery, Zero waste pattern cutting

Materials: Cotton Yarn, Food waste, plants and flowers for natural dyes