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Filling a Bean Bag How-To

With the right information and some very simple supplies, filling a bean bag is quite easy!

  • It's ideal if you have another person help you. In fact this is often a fun project to do with your friends and family!
  • The stuffing goes in the waterproof black inner cover that we have provided and not the outer handloom fabric cover.
  • Video instructions: our bean bag artisans have made a comprehensive step-by-step video guide on how to fill a Sahāya bean bag.

Supplies you will need:

  1. 250-275L (8.5-9 cu.ft.) of bean bag filler. If you are going with polystyrene beans, it usually comes in 100L bags. Get 3 of them and you'll have a little left over once you are done filling the bean bag. Store away the leftover stuffing for when you need it again. 
  2. A large home-made DIY cardboard funnel or cone. 
  3. Masking tape to secure the cardboard into funnel shape.
  4. Laundry dryer sheets (optional): line the inside of the tapered bottom end of the cardboard funnel with dryer sheets (secured with tape) to reduce static and the polystyrene beads sticking to the cardboard. Make sure the sheets don’t obstruct the funnel and slow down the free flow of beads.

What beans to use

Broadly there are 3 main types of filler for bean bags:

  1. Natural filler: natural materials such as buckwheat hulls, corn, rice, dried peas among others can be used to fill your bean bag. However you might want to keep in mind that these types of materials tend to degrade and compact over time especially in adverse climate conditions. They also tend to make the bean bag rather heavy. If mobility of your bean bag is an important consideration for you, materials such as rice or dried corn may not be the best option.
  2. Non-natural material: most ubiquitous of these options are polystyrene beads and foam. A growing number of companies have begun to develop natural alternatives such as biopolymer which are derived from natural plant-based materials. In our experience, we have found these products to be still rather expensive. If you know of or you are a manufacturer of an affordable product, please drop us a line!  
  3. Upcycled bean bag filler: a compromise between the other two options, this consists of reusing polystyrene beans and foam from old, unused bean bags.

Where do I get bean bag filler?

Most reputed online retailers and home goods stores carry bean bag filler. We've found that generally online sellers provide better prices, options and faster shipping. We have found craig's list, Facebook Marketplace and local Buy Nothing groups great places to find old bean bags that you can use to upcycle beans. Most often people give them away for free!

Feel free to contact us!