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Monkey Mind Bean Bag Care Instructions

Washing & Cleaning Instructions to Make Your Beanbag Last Longer

  • Machine wash or hand wash in warm (below 100F) or cold water. Use milder laundry soap. Non-toxic or biodegradable types are preferred. Air drying in indirect sunlight is recommended. Low tumble dry if necessary.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Removing small stains: everyday household stains such as coffee, oil or food can easily be removed by spot cleaning with water and soap.

General Care Instructions

  • Our bean bag is designed for indoor use. Avoid exposure to damp and wet conditions.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to harsh direct sunlight: The outer cover is made out of 100% handwoven cotton and is not chemically treated, therefore prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may impact the vibrancy of the colors.
  • Take care to avoid puncturing with sharp objects like scissors or knives.
  • Avoid exposure to open flames or very high temperatures.