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Naturally Dyed Necklace | Pomegranate

This chunky cord necklace in muted tones doesn’t just enhance your outfit, it is a true conversation piece.

Crafted to represent the entwined nature of the human condition by Amma Sri Lanka craftswomen, each piece is made with an eco-friendly process of hand dyeing 100% cotton fibres with natural dyes made in-house from plants known for their medicinal properties like Turmeric Root, Madder Root, and Indigo Leaf.

Size: Between 5cm - 6cm in length from the top of the metal back. Between 3cm - 3.5cm in width.

Material: Naturally dyed cotton body and silver plated earring backs.

Care: Gently soak in cool water using a ph neutral eco washing soap. Use a tea towel or old cloth to remove excess water. Don’t use stain remover or harsh chemicals. Dry flat and store out of direct sunlight to preserve the colour.

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About the Artisan 
Located in the lush tea growing regions of the central highlands of Sri Lanka, Amma (“mother” in Sinhala and Tamil) is famous for their naturally dyed cotton fabrics. Read more...