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Bean Bag Product Guarantee

When you buy a bean bag chair cover from Monkey Mind, you are covered in two ways: our Standard Return Policy and our Extended 3 Year Guarantee.

Standard Return Policy

As with anything you purchase from our store, If you are not happy with your bean bag purchase for whatever reason, you are able to return it for a full refund within 30 days of the purchase date. We only ask that you return the item unused in its original condition with the product tags intact. Read our Return Policy.

Extended 3 Year Guarantee

As a company dedicated to premium handmade quality we are proud to guarantee our product! The guarantee will be effective for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. As a mark of our commitment to sustainability, we first try to repair any damage or defect. If we are unable to perform a durable repair on your bean bag, we will replace it.

Please note that replacements may sometimes be subject to availability of stock. We may temporarily go out of stock of a particular colorway. In which case, we will do our best to procure the same design or provide an alternative set of designs for you to choose from.

Extended 3 Year Guarantee | What it Covers

Remember you should first take care to follow our Washing & Cleaning and General Care Instructions. For example if you use bleach on your bean bag and the colors burn, the Guarantee will not be applicable.

  • We will repair or replace broken or malfunctioning outer and inner cover zippers.
  • Any breaks, tears or rips in the fabric outside of the normal and expected wear & tear will be covered with a replacement.

Extended 3 Year Guarantee | What it Doesn’t Cover

  • Normal and expected wear and tear of the fabric due to everyday use.
  • Natural imperfections in the handwoven fabric. Handwoven fabric doesn’t always have the mathematical perfection of machine woven fabric. There are sometimes minor -often almost imperceptible- imperfections in the weave such as a tiny drawn thread or a small knot. In our experience these almost never cause any problems in the long run. For most of our customers these imperfections are part of the beauty and allure of handmade things.